Repair & Refinish

Mr. Bathtub repairs cracks, holes, chips, rust areas and scratches in any type of tub. Once the repairs are completed, we can then refinish your tub, tile, sink, surround, or countertop in virtually any color. Colors are available in solids or multispec (granite). When we refinish your tub, we can also apply non slip treatments and grab bars.

We can make your old tub look new within hours.

Before and After

Mr. Bathtub repairs and refinishes your tub to look brand new again.
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Before - This tub showed many years of hard use. It was dull, chipped, scratched, and dirty, and was in real need of a major facelift. This tub was ugly.

After - Just take a look! This is the same tub. We virtually erased its age and gave it a new life.
This tub looks like new!

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