Tubliners, Surrounds, Conversions

Mr. Bathtub will install a tub liner and surround in one day. We'll measure and photo your existing tub to make sure we get an exact fit. Our liners are manufactured with the thickest acrylic material available today.

Mr. Bathtub has all the bathtub and shower accessories, too. We install wainscotting, shower doors, shower bases and liners for walls. We can add safety grab bars, various size soap dishes and corner caddies to match liners, walkthru units if required, and tub to shower conversions. We have many colors available: solids, metallic, granite, marble, and simulated tile.

We can make your old tub
look new within hours.

Before and After

Mr. Bathtub installs tubliners and surrounds that will make an aging bathroom look clean,
new, and beautiful. Just take a look at a typical before and after installation.

Before - This bathroom might have been just the perfect thing for the 1960s, but it certainly showed its age. The color was wrong, the tub was scratched and the finish was dull. This bathroom was ugly.

After - Wow! Here's how a new tubliner, wainscotting, and accessories look in the same bathroom! It's now an up-to-date bathroom that will last for many years to come. This bathroom looks like new!

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